Lewis Hurst

I am an Angel Investor and stock market investor, with a background in IT and an interest in general business, finance, and extreme sports (mainly downhill mountain biking).

I created this website as a 2020 lockdown project to:

  • Record and share some information about companies on the Australasian bourses (ASX and NZX).
  • Share some knowledge on aspects of running a company.
  • Share some knowledge on investing or seeking investment.

This website is full of research on listed stocks and my analysis on each; the aim of which was to share my research efforts and to demonstratively teach people how to do different types of analysis on real-world companies. However since the law changed in March 2021, I am no longer able to publicly mention specific stocks; hence most of this website is censored (many links are available privately only and if you’re not logged on, you’ll just see a Page Not Found message).

The Investing section of this website is severely truncated and has little use anymore (with the exception of a handful of articles linked at the bottom of this page under the title “Useful Articles”), however the Business section is possibly worth a read if you are an entrepreneur.

Finally, please feel free to leave a comment on the articles using the form at the bottom of each article. I’m happy to answer friendly questions when I have time, receive corrections and suggestions to my work, and hear opposing views.

Disclaimer: Everything I have written here is my opinion, please do your own research before investing or taking action based on any articles here. I am neither your financial advisor nor business advisor.