2022 Stock Picking Competition

In last year’s stock picking competition, my picks gained a mere 10.8%, mainly lacking due to my selection of Ryman Healthcare (not a stock in my personal portfolio) and Fisher Paykel Healthcare not gaining much (a stock held in my personal portfolio, but as a bond proxy). Not bad compared to the NZX 50 which was in the negative for the year and not bad compared to the brokers picks, only 2 of which beat me (Forsyth Barr and Jarden). I’m not pleased with my result overall, but I didn’t expect much as this time of year is a difficult one to buy stocks after the Santa Rally and there wasn’t a lot of thought that went into it due to the holiday.

Hopefully I’ll do better this year (though I don’t have high conviction for this statement). My picks for 2022 are:

  • MFT
  • FRE
  • HLG
  • SCL
  • TRA
  • Sixth pick: SKL

I have to say that it’s hard picking out some stocks that aren’t currently over-priced and also have potential tailwinds for the coming (highly unknown) year. As with last year, very little research has been done in preparation for these selections. I picked these selection based on inflation expectations, previous performance and in the case of SCL, orchard fruition coming in 2023 (in the hope they’ll re-announce this towards the end of year and get re-rated). 3/5 of the above picks are in my personal portfolio.

Disclaimer: These picks (or anything on this website) does not constitute financial advice and [as inferred in the article] very little research has gone into this selection of stocks for the purpose of this competition.

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