How Much Does Sharesies Cost?

At the time of writing, Sharesies charge a fixed fee plus a fee on every share trade that you do.

Fixed Fee Cost

The fixed fee is charged either per month or annually, and is additional to the per trade cost that you have to pay (on top of the cost of the shares you buy).

The fixed fee costs nothing if your portfolio is less than $50; $1.50 per month if your portfolio is up to $3,000; or $3 per month for portfolios above $3,000.

Alternatively you can elect to pay $30 a year.

Cost Of Fees Per Trade

In addition to the above fixed fee costs, Sharesies also charges a per trade fee. This costs 0.5% per trade for the part of the trade that is up to the value of $3,000 and 0.1% for the part of the trade that is greater than $3,000. So for example, a $5,000 trade will cost $15 for the component that is up to $3,000 plus $2 for the remaining $2,000 of the trade; giving a total cost of $17 for the whole trade.

Additional Charges

Sharesies state that some of the EFTs that you can buy on the platform have their own fees that are built into the purchase price, and that these are outside the control of Sharesies as they are charges from the fund managers who run the ETFs.


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