US Unemployment Down

Good news for investors: Unemployment stats in America show that unemployment is down in May after 2.5 million jobs were added to the job market. This bodes well better for the global economy and will undoubtedly cause an increase in the value of the share markets as people look for indicators rates of recovery and the potential size of any recession.

Locally I am still struggling to find any employment data for NZ, post COVID19 (May 2020). Perhaps this will be delayed for some time due to reduced resources during the lockdown causing a backlog of work for Stats NZ?

Personally, I’m willing to forgo any (significant) gains this year in favour of waiting for more stability and information with which I can form better analysis to do my valuations. The prospect of losing half my money is worse than the prospect of doubling it, and I’m not interested in gambling. Obviously everybody’s situation and strategy is different.

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