Useful Sources Of News For Investors

Being across all the news is very useful for investors of all types. It helps us anticipate major events like Covid19, and strategize accordingly; ideally before everyone else. Unfortunately it’s a full time job keeping ahead of everything, so it’s good to have a few good sources that help keep abreast of things.

I thought I’d share some of the sources that I find useful. Here’s my list:

  • NZX / ASX – All company specific developments that meet the respective bourse’s criteria for listed companies have to be publicized here first.
  • ShareTrader – Take this with a large pinch of salt, as it’s community data from often biased sources, but it’s a good place to ensure you don’t miss anything.
  • Share Chat – A nice little summary of the day’s share related events.
  • ASB Morning Brief – This (alongside associated ASB reports) can be emailed to you each day if you subscribe to the service.
  • Stats NZ – This is a great source of data, which is used by Stuff, NZ Herald and other media outlets to write articles (which are essentially second hand data, which may have been misinterpreted or otherwise warped by the journalist). Best to get the information from the source. Many investors don’t watch this too carefully, so it’s a great place to get ahead of other investors.
  • ANZ Truckometer – Not so much news, rather an indication of economic activity
  • Paymark / Worldline Spend Trends – Again, not so much news, rather an indication of economic activity
  • Global News – I’ve mentioned this before, but subscribing to these emails is a great way to get a news wrap up.

All of the above sources have some sort of email subscription facility, which I recommend that you take advantage of.

If this article helped you, perhaps you could share your own sources in the comments below this article.

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